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Ponderosa and Thyme Workshop

Attending the Ponderosa and Thyme Workshop is something I am going to look back on as a huge life changing experience. I met so many amazing people who I will forever consider my friends, and I became more excited about my career than ever before. I don't know anybody who finds themselves in the wedding industry because they thought it was an easy job, we all have a genuine passion for what we do. If you follow Ponderosa and Thyme on social media, you have no doubt seen the way Katie talks about flowers. She speaks with immense joy and gratitude about her line of work. Before coming to the Ponderosa Classroom, I knew that Katie was someone special, if you watch her Instagram stories you know what I am talking about, but I didn't think she was going to be one of the most amazing people I have ever met, or will ever meet. Everything about Katie, the way she talks, teaches, and designs comes from a genuine sense of wanting others to see the magic in flowers that she does.

At the end of the week we sat down under our arches to share good wine, great food, and exceptional conversation. Chef Andre Uribe created an amazing menu for us that was all local, sustainable food. He and his team were absolutely fantastic and created a meal I will never forget.

I feel beyond lucky to have attended the Ponderosa and Thyme Workshop, and even luckier to have met all the amazing women who shared the class with me. Cheers to all the amazing women in the floral industry!


Workshop: Ponderosa and Thyme

Photography: Ivy and Gold

Ponderosa Team: Sarah Pearson and James O'Shea

Chef: Andre Uribe

Dinnerware: Classic Vintage Rentals

Arches: Danner and Soli

Linen: La Tavola


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