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We only use the finest and freshest blooms available. Each of our designs is crafted using sustainable methods so you can feel good about your environmental impact. Our floral packages include a color story and custom floral moldboard individually tailored to fit perfectly into your event day. 

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Salem Floral (4).png

Rachael Meader offers complete design packages including a comprehensive design plan and floral design. Each package includes unlimited meetings, vendor recommendations, florals, and complete oversight of every design element that will make your event one of a kind.

We are a Portland-based design company specializing in timeless luxury events for all. We are big believers that exceptional design, and floral make for unforgettable events. 

Our couples have discerning tastes and a desire for an experience beyond the typical. You are a dreamer, traveler, and storyteller. Let us bring your dream wedding to life through carefully curated florals and event design.

- Rachael 


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